Features & Amenities

Gulberg Islamabad provides you with the best living standards, by giving you what a luxurious life needs. Because, whenever you are choosing a place to live, there are certain elements that you keep in mind as the basic necessities. These elements are important to provide you a better living, and feel comfortable and secure.

The reason why Gulberg Islamabad has become an iconic housing project is that it offers all what a life needs. Non-stop water, gas and power supply, high alert security and a proper maintenance.

There isn’t anything that your life demands and Gulberg Islamabad doesn’t offer!
The entire area of Gulberg was designed while keeping the “clean and green environment” idea in mind. Its lush green. An agroforestry staff of over 500 members, is always busy taking care of all the greens and in planting more and more trees.

As Pakistan is going through a major electricity crisis, Gulberg Islamabad is consuming solar power at its max by placing solar power street lights in the society. Underground Sui gas lines and a water reservoir tank in every block ensures the uninterrupted water and gas supply.

Signal free entry- We provide a signal free entry, and a signal free Gulberg Express Way. A society with a signal free drive is rare.

Features & Amenities